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Ebook Faster, Smarter DevOps – InfoQ eMag (PDF)

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Ebook Faster, Smarter DevOps (PDF) – Cuongquach.com | Khi bạn là một DevOps Engineer, theo thời gian cùng với sự phát triển kiến thức cùng kinh nghiệm DevOps, bạn sẽ cần những lúc nhìn lại hệ thống máy chủ/dịch vụ/hạ tầng của bạn xem liệu có thể cải thiện tốt chấy lượng tốt hơn hay không ? Nếu bạn quan tâm hãy download ebook ‘Faster, Smarter DevOps‘ ở Cuongquach.com .


Thông tin ebook “Faster, Smarter DevOps”

Tên tài liệu : Faster, Smarter DevOps
Tác giả : (infoQ) Manuel Pais, Derek, John Clapham, Mirco Hering,..
Số trang: 38
Ngôn ngữ : Tiếng Anh
Format : PDF
Thể loại : DevOps
Phiên bản: 1
Đăng tại: https://vinastar.net/

Giới thiệu ebook “Faster, Smarter DevOps”

This DevOps eMag has a broader setting than pre- vious editions. You might rightfully ask, “What does faster, smarter DevOps mean?” Put simply, it means any and all approaches to DevOps adoption that un- cover important mechanisms or thought processes that might otherwise get submerged by the more straightforward (but equally important) automation and tooling aspects. From blending agile and DevOps to escaping cognitive biases, planning for transition, and bringing COTS into DevOps, this eMag is a potpourri of insightful practitioner advice.

Mục lục ebook “Faster, Smarter DevOps”

+ Table of content

Faster, Smarter DevOps
Moving your release cadence from months to weeks is not just about learning Agile prac- tices and getting some automation tools. It involves people, tooling and a transition plan.

The Things I Learnt About DevOps When My Caar Was Engulfed by Flames
Framed in the story of the author’s car catching fire, this article describes five ways of thinking to help understand DevOps culture, and behaviours necessary to create an effective DevOps team.

How to Deal with COTS Products in a DevOps World
The most popular agile framework, Scrum, predates the growth of DevOps, and some re- thinking is required to make the system work in a DevOps environment.

Merging Agile and DevOps
Mirco Hering explains why we shouldn’t leave COTS products (and the people working on them) left behind in a DevOps world. With creative solutions we can apply good prac- tices from custom software.

Designing Delivery Book Review and Interview
Book review and interview with Jeff Sussna, author of “Designing Delivery”, on cyber- netics, service exchange, customer-centric brands and a new definition of quality in a service-oriented world.

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Nguồn: https://vinastar.net/

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